Carleton Medical Ltd are the exclusive UK distributor for Jena Surgical Lasers and IRIDEX USA, specialising in 532nm/KTP and Co² lasers for ENT, Gynaecology & Maxillofacial surgery.


UltraPulsed, Robotic Co² Laser for unrivalled ENT surgical performance

The SmartXide² system is the most versatile and cutting-edge robotic laser available in the CO2 surgery market. It is suitable for precision microsurgery in ENT, Gynecology, Neurosurgery and General Surgery. SmartXide² provides the best support to the surgeon. 

SmartXide HS

Power, Automation & Micrometrical Precision for Microsurgical Excellence

SmartXide HS is the CO₂ laser surgery system used for ENT Microsurgery, General Surgery and Colposcopic Gynecological Surgery. Suitable for all photoablation treatments.


Specialist 532nm/KTP system for middle ear surgery

The Tx combines the 532nm/KTP wavelength with specialised ‘All in One’ OTOPROBE fibres for precise energy delivery in middle ear laser surgery. With 2.5 Watts power in Pulsed Mode and True Continuous Wave at 0.5 Watts, the system is the ideal partner for otology.