IRIDEX Tx 2.5 Watt KTP

The ideal laser for middle ear surgery


Specialist 532nm/KTP system for middle ear surgery

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The Tx combines the 532nm/KTP wavelength with specialised ‘All in One’ OTOPROBE fibres for precise energy delivery in middle ear laser surgery. With 2.5 Watts power in Pulsed Mode and True Continuous Wave at 0.5 Watts, the system is the ideal partner for otology.

  • 2.5 Watts of deliverable laser energy
  • Ideal for stapedectomy/stapedotomy/cholesteatoma
  • Provides True Continuous Wave laser pulses for cholesteatoma ablation
  • Optional adjustable angled probes for better ossicular access
  • Specialist OTOPROBES: handpieces already attached to 200 micron fibre
  • Eliminates awkward threading of fibre through handpiece
  • Lightweight portable design maximises limited theatre space
  • Easy operation for theatre staff and surgeon

ENT Laser Delivery Devices


OtoProbe laser handpieces are single-use delivery devices used for laser delivery during otologic surgeries including stapedectomy and stapedotomy. OtoProbe models are indicated for, but not limited to, incision, excision, coagulation, and vaporization of soft and fibrous tissue, including osseous tissue.

Clinical Indications:
Chronic Ottis Media
Ruptured Eardrum


FlexFiber laser probes are single-use, laser delivery devices available in a range of fiber diameters. They provide easy maneuverability around the target site via a laryngoscope or a cannula and are used for laser delivery during laryngeal surgeries. FlexFiber probes are intended for soft tissue/vascular lesions of the airway and larynx.

Clinical Indications:
Vocal Fold Polyps
Polypoid Corditis
Subglottis Hemangioma