ProGreen 8 Watt KTP

Higher power laser for middle ear surgery

ProGreen 8 Watt KTP

ProGreen KTP

Specialist 532nm/KTP system for middle ear surgery

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If higher power is required, the ProGreen offers 8 Watts in the same 532nm green light wavelength as the TX laser. With specialist fibres from 200-600 micron and handpieces with or without suction, the ProGreen is a compact table top unit ideal for the operating theatre and a range of ENT procedures.

  • 8 Watts of deliverable laser energy in Pulsed and CW Modes@532nm/KTP
  • Made in Germany
  • Ideal for stapedectomy/stapedotomy/cholesteatoma etc
  • Specialist fibres and handpieces in 200-600 micron sizes
  • Lightweight portable design maximises limited theatre space
  • Easy operation for theatre staff and surgeon

ENT Laser Delivery Devices



FlexFiber laser probes are single-use, laser delivery devices available in a range of fiber diameters. They provide easy maneuverability around the target site via a laryngoscope or a cannula and are used for laser delivery during laryngeal surgeries. FlexFiber probes are intended for soft tissue/vascular lesions of the airway and larynx.

Clinical Indications:
Vocal Fold Polyps
Polypoid Corditis
Subglottis Hemangioma