SmartXide HS

CO₂ Laser Surgery: Power, Automation & Micrometrical Precision for Microsurgical Excellence

SmartXide HS

Power, Automation & Micrometrical Precision for Microsurgical Excellence

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SmartXide HS is the CO₂ laser surgery system used for ENT Microsurgery, General Surgery and Colposcopic Gynecological Surgery.

Suitable for all photoablation treatments, it facilitates the work of surgeon thanks to the synergy of the following technologies:

  • SmartPulse to control the laser’s emission parameters;
  • EasySpot micromanipulator, with zoom the laser beam spot reduction to microscopic dimensions, suitable for operating on narrow surgical fields;
  • HiScan Surgical, that allow to choice the most suitable scanning setting for microsurgical procedures. The scanner features ESLA technology (Electronic Scanned Laser Ablation) for complete control of the density, type and scanning speed, ablation depth and coagulation percentage when cutting.
  • Available in 30 Watt or 50 Watt power

SmartXide HS supports the surgeon daily and contributes to the success of surgery, with significant positive effects on the post-operative recovery time and the patient’s quality of life.

The system enables surgery with intuitive technology that is remotely manageable directly from the EasySpot micromanipulator’s joystick, without having to look away from the operating field.

A practical and intuitive Touchscreen simplifies the setting of the correct parameters based on required applications. 25 protocols dedicated to ENT Microsurgery and Gynecology guide the surgeon in their daily work.


HiScan Surgical

The most precise instrument for ensuring a well- defined, uniform and controlled
laser ablation.

Max. Scanning Area
6.3 mm @400 mm EFL
Dwell Time
From 100 us to 45 ms
Selectable Ablation Depth
From 0.2 to 2 mm
Scanning Mode
Power Mode and Depth Mode
Scanning Shapes
Line, Arcs of circle up to complete circle,
Spiral, Clover, Hexagon (progressive and
interlaced scanning).
Emission Mode
Continuous Wave (CW) - Ultimate Pulse (UP)
Application Fields
ENT, Gynecology, Neurosurgery

EasySpot Micromanipulator

The specific instrument for operating in maximum safety even in delicate areas.

Optical Technology
Focal Length: from 200 mm to 400 mm
Spot Size
Min 140 μm (200 mm EFL)
Max 4.5 mm (400 mm EFL)
Operative Field @ 400 mm EFL
Min 14x10 mm - Max 70x55 mm
Joystick Controls
Rotation and ablation shape dimension,
Scan-ON/Scan-OFF, fine tuning of centering.
Application Fields
ENT, Gynecology