The Most Advanced Robotic UltraPulsed CO² Laser for ENT


UltraPulsed, Robotic Co² Laser for unrivalled ENT surgical performance

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The SmartXide² system is the most versatile and cutting-edge robotic laser available in the CO2 surgery market. It is suitable for precision microsurgery in ENT, Gynecology, Neurosurgery and General Surgery. SmartXide² provides the best support to the surgeon. In the operating room, it offers unmatched performance thanks to the following unique features:

  • The CO₂ RF laser source with PSD® (Pulse Shape Design) technology, allows complete pulses
    modulation from Continuous Wave to UltraPulse, resulting in high peak power, minimising thermal dissipation to surrounding tissue.
  • Robotic Digital Scanning Devices: HiScan Surgical and EndoScan Surgical enable size adjustable scanning figures for uniform, automated cutting and better patient outcomes.
  • All scanning functions are adjustable on the micromanipulator, eliminating the need for the surgeon to look up from the microscope during the procedure, reducing operating times.
  • Adjustable Depth Mode from 0.1-2mm in 0.1mm increments for absolute control over
    tissue effects
  • Adjustable Dwell Time from 100µs to 45 ms
  • Smallest and most precise micromanipulator spot size on the market: 140 micron to 4.5 mm
  • Available in 60 Watt or 80 Watt power

SmartXide² is recommended for extremely precise operations, for narrow surgical fields and areas requiring maximum control and accuracy in laryngeal microsurgery.

The technology was developed to perform cutting and ablation of biological tissues in a well-defined and precise manner, with the possibility of selecting the optimal scanning shape from a wide range of possibilities. It is thus possible to manually set the ablation area shape, size (up
to the maximum diameter of 6.3 mm), rotation and to change between Scan-ON/Scan-OFF modes, without having to look up from the operating microscope, a unique feature to the SmartXide2 Laser.

By setting the ultra-pulsed U-Pulse emission together with the Depth Mode, it is possible to gain maximum control of the ablation depth, reducing thermal damage to adjacent tissue.

The complete supply of optional accessories such as scanners or the micromanipulator, makes it the gold standard for minimally invasive surgery and microsurgery in ENT and for surgical gynaecology in both colposcopy and laparoscopy. 

SmartXide² also features a complete database with protocols specifically dedicated to surgery, multimedia content and tutorials that make learning its use faster for operators.


HiScan Surgical

The most precise instrument for ensuring a well- defined, uniform and controlled
laser ablation.

Max. Scanning Area
6.3 mm @400 mm EFL
Dwell Time
From 100 us to 45 ms
Selectable Ablation Depth
From 0.2 to 2 mm
Scanning Mode
Power Mode and Depth Mode
Scanning Shapes
Line, Arcs of circle up to complete circle,
Spiral, Clover, Hexagon (progressive and
interlaced scanning).
Emission Mode
Continuous Wave (CW) - Ultimate Pulse (UP)
Application Fields
ENT, Gynecology, Neurosurgery

EasySpot Hybrid Micromanipulator

The best optical system that ensures a perfect focusing match between the guide beam and the CO2 laser. It is adaptable to the most common surgical microscopes and colposcopes.

Optical Technology
Hybrid-Holographic and mirrors
Spot Size
Min 140 μm - Max 4.5 mm
Operative Field @ 400 mm EFL
Min 14x10 mm - Max 70x55 mm
Joystick Controls
Rotation and ablation shape dimension,
Scan-ON/Scan-OFF, centering fine tuning
Application Fields
ENT, Gynecology, Neurosurgery


The scanner system for laparoscopic gynaecological surgery and general surgery.

Max Scanning Size
5mm@300 mm EFL; 6.3 mm @400 mm
Dwell Time
From 100 μs to 1000 μs
Scanning Shapes
Point (CutMode), Circle, Clover
Emission Modes
Continuous Wave (CW) - Ultimate Pulse (UP)
Application Fields
ENT, Gynecology, General Surgery