ULTRAPulse DUO CO2 Laser

a Boston Scientific Co2 Laser (formerly Lumenis)

When it comes to precision and high-end performance, the UltraPulse DUO CO2 laser is the ultimate solution. The UltraPulse DUO combines ultra-pulsed laser emissions with AcuBlade and FibreLase technology for optimal patient outcomes in CO2 laser surgery. Ultra pulsed CO2 output minimises necrosis, with a superior pulse profile to super-pulsed CO2 lasers, offering the surgeon maximum control over the target tissue.

Digital AcuBlade Technology
Exclusively shaped for the articulated CO2 laser arm, the Digital AcuBlade Micromanipulator with SurgiTouch scanner delivers laser energy inside a user defined geometric shape. The rapid motion of the scanner, faster than a human hand can produce, takes the energy delivery and entire operation to its highest precision, resulting in: Maximum control over incision length, ablation area and treatment depth. Replicated tissue interaction, customized to patient anatomy and the shape of the undesired tissue. The rapid scanning movement may reduce the procedure time compared with conventional CO2 laser microsurgery.

Flexible Fibre
The CO2 laser fibre is highly durable and flexible. Accompanied by a collection of dedicated operational tools, the CO2 fibre allows easy access to difficult-to-reach anatomy and provides a variety of delicate treatment options. Adjustable aiming beam that enables precise positioning to ensure the desired tissue is targeted. Renewable tip that can be cleaved and revived during use, facilitating smooth operation and cost effectiveness. 60% greater energy transmission that enables sufficient delivery of CO2 laser energy (in comparison with other CO2 fibres based on internal bench test). 30% longer fibre that provides extended steering capabilities and greater convenience in the operating sphere (in comparison with other CO2 fibres).

System Features

  • Ultra Pulsed CO2 emission for minimal tissue necrosis
  • Digital AcuBlade micromanipulator delivers virtually char-free tissue margins
  • Two laser delivery modalities in a single system to optimize patient care
  • Access difficult-to-reach tissue with the flexible fibre
  • Full suite of accessories for many clinical applications in ENT, OMFS & GYN
  • Simple touch screen transition between fibre and free beam modalities
  • Intuitive and simple user interface
  • Longer articulating arm to extend reach


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